Private Health Insurance South Dakota

Affordable Individual Health Insurance South Dakota

South Dakotans can purchase cheap and affordable health plans from the federally run exchange, so they need to enroll through For the 2021 health coverage two health insurance carriers, Avera Health Plans Inc. and Sanford Health Plan are offering cheap and affordable coverage to residents of South Dakota. All the individual and family health plans offered by these carriers provide essential health benefits with no annual or lifetime dollar caps. The best provision of the ACA plan is that people with a pre-existing condition cannot be denied coverage and even insurers cannot exclude the pre-existing conditions from the enrollee’s coverage.

Vital Statistics Related to South Dakota Healthcare Coverage

  • Total South Dakota residents as of 2020 are 899,174
  • 10% of the South Dakota population are uninsured.
  • The largest part, around 52% of the South Dakota population has employer-sponsored health insurance.
  • Around 16% of South Dakota residents (179,000 ) are enrolled in Medicare and 13% of the population are enrolled in Medicaid.
  • Around 29,000 residents of South Dakota enrolled in Individual and Family plans in 2020 through the South Dakota health insurance marketplace.
  • The average premium for a 2021 individual and family health plan is $561 per month for a 40-year old.
  • In most of the South Dakota counties, the cheapest Silver health plan is Sanford Simplicity $4,750 Plan.

Different Metal-tiers of Individual and Family Plans in South Dakota

In South Dakota, there are four different types of metal tiers of plans available to purchase, catastrophic, expanded bronze, silver, and Gold. These plans differ in terms of costs and benefits, and plans of higher metal tier have a high monthly premium and low out of pocket expenses, and plans of low metal tier like bronze have a lower monthly premium and higher out of pocket expenses. The other factor that affects the monthly premium of these plans is the age of the enrollees. Individuals of older age have to pay higher monthly premiums regardless of the metal tier. Around 92% of enrollees in South Dakota receive premium subsidies, after which their monthly premium reduces considerably.

Average Cost of Health Insurance in South Dakota By Metal-tier for Different Age-groups in 2021

Metal-Tiers Monthly Premium for 21 Years Old Monthly Premium for 40 Years Old
Catastrophic $255.00 $326.00
Expanded Bronze $337.00 $481.00
Silver $516.00 $659.00
Gold $551.00 $704.00

Private Health Insurance Options in South Dakota for the year 2021

South Dakota has about 899,174 residents and is counted amongst the least populated states of America. However, over half of the population obtain private health insurance through their employers and only a small percentage of South Dakotans buy private health insurance plans directly from the health insurance carriers. Approximately one-third of the state residents have government-funded health insurance through Medicare, Medicaid, or the Children’s Health Insurance Program. The reason for purchasing a private health insurance plan may vary from one person to another, however residents of South Dakota will always find a plan that will be ideal for them and their families. Finding a plan well within the budget is always a priority and South Dakota’s residents have plenty of options in individual and family plans. Thus, people can choose any of the below-given plans to enjoy complete peace of mind.

Different private individual and family plan options for the year 2021 offered by Avera Health and Sanford Insurance Carriers:

Avera Plans

Gold Plan – Avera 1750 is a PPO type Gold-tier plan.
Silver PlansAvera 3000 Preferred, Avera 3000, Avera 3200, Avera 3500 Preferred, Avera 3500, Avera 4500 are different options in the Silver metal tier plan.
Bronze PlansAvera 6000 Preferred, Avera 6000, Avera 6500, Avera 6850 are the Bronze plans offered by Avera.
Catastrophic PlanAvera 8550, Avera Focused 8550 are catastrophic plans offered by Avera.

Sanford Health Plan

Gold PlanSanford Simplicity $1,750 belongs to the gold metal-tier of the plan.
Silver Plan Sanford Simplicity $2,800, Sanford Simplicity $3,500, and Silver Sanford Simplicity $4,750 belong to the Silver metal-tier plan.
Expanded Bronze PlanSanford Simplicity $6,900 is an expanded bronze high deductible health plan that can be paired with Health Saving Account. Another expanded bronze plans offered by this carrier is Sanford Simplicity $6,000.
Catastrophic PlanSanford Simplicity $8,550 is a catastrophic plan.

Besides individual and family health plans private health insurance carriers also offer Medicare Part D plans that are paired with Original Medicare.

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