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A beautiful and healthy smile is admired by one and all but we tend to forget that our smiles are not just about aesthetics but we need to take proper dental care to ensure healthy and beautiful smiles on our faces. However, taking proper dental care not only secures a smile on the face but also contributes towards overall health and well-being. A proper dental care regimen requires frequent visits to the dentists for regular dental check-ups and other dental procedures. To follow this dental care regimen, it is essential to have a comprehensive dental insurance plan in Texas

The Need for Dental Insurance in Texas

Though the Affordable Care Act has made it mandatory for health insurance carriers to provide dental benefits to dependents, but dental benefits are not considered an essential benefit for adults. Thus, the majority of the health insurance plans in Texas don’t cover dental care for adults. Therefore, adults get dental insurance or dental benefits either through their employers, or they can purchase a stand-alone dental plan. Dental insurance plans in Texas for adults are offered by private insurance companies and have less control of the government. It means that Texas residents while shopping for dental insurance need to carefully consider the costs and benefits of each dental plan before enrolling in a plan to make sure that they have adequate coverage for dental care as per their requirements.

Dental Insurance Options in Texas

Texas, the second-largest state in the U.S. also has the second-highest population in America. The state is well aware of its citizen health, so offers plenty of health and dental insurance options to make sure that its residents and their family dental and healthcare needs are well taken care of. Though buying dental insurance is not mandatory for people but it is something that people should never ignore and should buy the best dental plan available in Texas. Dental insurance plans in Texas provide complete protection to its residents by helping them offset the cost of dental care and dental procedures and incentivize them for keeping their smiles healthy. Dental insurance plans in Texas provide coverage for oral health care, ranging from gum disease treatments to root canals.

Types of Dental Plans available in Texas

Texas insurance marketplace has three major types of dental insurance and benefits plans:

Preferred Provider organization Dental Plan (PPO)

PPO dental plans provide its members with the highest level of benefits if they visit an in-network dentist. The members of PPO dental plans are provided with a list of in-network dentists, though they have the option of seeing an out-of-network dentist, but their out-of-pocket expenses will be higher. PPO dental plans are ideals for individuals who want to visit their preferred dentist only. The benefits of a PPO dental plan include preventive services in which two routine exams and cleanings per calendar year are covered. Some of the PPO dental plans also provide adult and child orthodontic services.

Dental Health Maintenance Organization Plan (DHMO)

DHMO plans benefits include two covered exams at no cost and two cleanings per year for $12 each. The plan also provides Orthodontic coverage to adults and children. The DHMO plan also has a network of dentists and members are required to select a primary care dentist, who will manage and treat their dental problems. Members of DHMO plans only need to pay copays that vary per procedure and there are no deductible or coinsurance when they avail of dental care from their designated primary care dentist. Besides DHMO plans are comparatively affordable than PPO plans.

Referral or Discount Plans

In a referral or discount dental plan, there is an agreement between a dentist or group of dentists and enrollees in which dentists offer dental care services at a reduced price to the enrollees of the plan. A discount dental plan is not a form of insurance that simply reduce the price of dental care for enrollees that they are required to pay out-of-pocket. Discount dental plans don’t pay for any dental care treatments. The referral or discount dental plans do not cost any amount to enrollees but these plans come with limited benefits.

Highlighting Features of Texas Dental Plans

  • Dental plans in Texas are available at a low monthly cost, the plan starts from as low as $13 a month
  • Dental plans in Texas are available for every age-group
  • The dental plan in Texas immediately starts, as there is no waiting period with dental plans
  • Dental Plans in Texas are available throughout the state
  • Texas dental plans have guaranteed acceptance, as no one is denied dental coverage in Texas
    Dental plans in Texas provide access to professional dental care providers.
  • Some of the dental plans in Texas provide coverage for implants and other major dental services.

Best Dental Insurance Providers and their Popular Plans in Texas

Customers shopping for dental insurance in Texas have the option to protect their teeth as well as their wallets, as the state offers several affordable dental insurance plans. people only need to devote some time and compare plans, costs, and benefits before finally choosing a dental plan. While choosing a dental plan, people need to pay special attention to the waiting period of the plans along with their annual maximums, especially if they have a chronic dental condition or require urgent dental care.

Delta Dental

Delta Dental insurance carrier offers PPO dental plans that focus on prevention, early diagnosis, and treatment to help enrollees have a healthy mouth and good overall health. The benefit of this plan includes two routine exams and cleanings per calendar year. The plan also provides coverage for diagnostic and preventive services, basic services, major services, and orthodontic services. Members of this plan are required to designate a primary care dentist, though they can see any dentist that accepts PPO dental plans, but they will save money by visiting a dentist within the network.

Physicians Mutual

Texas residents who are looking to shop for the most affordable dental insurance plan can buy a dental plan from Physicians Mutual. The PPO dental plan offered by this carrier has no deductible and the plan is available for $25 a month for enrollees under the age of 50 years. The plan covers 350 of the most common dental procedures ranging from routine exams to tooth extractions and crowns. The dental plans of this carrier have no lifetime or annual maximum coverage amounts. Though members of its dental plans have a 12 month waiting period for major dental care, but the wait is worth considering the financial benefits.


Texas residents shopping for dental insurance plans can opt for Cigna dental plan if they are looking for excellent customer service. The plan of this carrier starts with $0 preventive care and plans start at just $35 a month. Cigna is the largest dental insurance provider in Texas having over 15 million customers. It is the only company to offer 24/7 customer service that proves to be of great importance for consumers who have a dental emergency and immediately seek an in-network dentist.


Consumers who are looking for an affordable and comprehensive dental insurance plan in Texas can also shop from UnitedHealthcare. This dental insurance carrier has an extensive network of dental professionals encompassing over 85,000 dental offices across the U.S. This dental carrier offers a wide array of dental plans in Texas, and the premium starts at $80 a month. Tough, the dental plan might sound expensive for many, but considering its exhaustive list of covered dental services and benefits, the plan will prove worthy and beneficial for all.

What are the Benefits and Coverage of Dental Insurance Plans in Texas?

As per the National Association of Dental Plans, seventy-seven percent of people in Texas have some form of dental insurance or benefits. Most of the dental plans available in Texas have a “100-80-50” benefits schedule. According to which the dental plans provide coverage in the following manner:

100% of Preventive Care

Preventive dental care coverage of dental plans include regular dental care that is significant in preventing tooth decay and gum disease. Regular dental exams, x-rays, and annual and biannual cleanings are 100% covered under the majority of the dental plans in Texas.

80% of Basic Procedures

Most of the Texas dental plans provide 80% of coverage for the basic dental procedures that include normal oral treatments like tooth extractions, fillings, root canals, and treatments for gum diseases.

50% of Major Procedures

Texas dental plans provide 50% coverage for major procedures that are intensive and rare dental treatments and include dental services like bridges, inlays, and dentures.

Is It Vital to Have a Dental Insurance Plan in Texas

We all are advised to get our teeth and gums duly checked twice a year, and we can opt for regular dental check-ups if we have dental insurance plans to cover our basic oral needs. It is necessary to have dental insurance plans in Texas, as these plans cover basic and preventive dental care procedures, thereby reducing the need for major dental procedures that cost a large sum of money.

FAQ on Texas Dental Insurance

As per the National Association of Dental Plans, people who don’t have dental plans are 67% more likely to have heart disease, 50% more likely to have osteoporosis, and 29% more likely to have diabetes. This is mainly because people not having dental insurance often avoid regular visits to the dentist that is vital to maintaining healthy oral and overall health. Ignoring dental issues may lead to serious health problems and delaying dental treatment may increase the severity of issues like gum disease and cavities that its repercussions can affect other health conditions. Thus, residents of Texas should not delay their decision of purchasing the best dental plan available in their area.

The monthly premiums of dental plans available in Texas range from $14.99 to $60 and maximum annual benefits range from $1,000 to $3,000 per person. However, some plans have no annual maximum.

Indemnity dental plans are offered by dental insurance carriers in Texas that cover everything. With indemnity dental plans, members are free to visit any dentist, as there is no network of dentists in this dental plan. Indemnity dental plans available in Texas provide coverage for every sort of dental treatment that members may need now or in the future, all of the treatment costs will be reimbursed. Though these plans cost at least twice as much as more restricted dental plans.

Anyone who doesn’t have dental coverage should make effort and choose a dental plan as per their oral health care needs and budget. Such people should purchase a dental plan or a discount dental plan that will help them maintain a healthy mouth and prevent oral health problems before they start. Having a dental insurance plan is the best way to keep dental care costs down. Texas residents need to realize that dental expenses mount quickly, especially if a certain dental emergency arises. Thus, it is vital to have dental insurance so people go for regular dental check-ups that allow dentists to screen patients for symptoms related to more than 120 different non-dental diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

Dental insurance carriers offering dental coverage for Texas residents are:

  • Ameritas
  • Careington
  • Delta Dental
  • Guardian
  • MetLife
  • Nationwide
  • Renaissance

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