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Affordable Vision Insurance Texas

Texas residents very well know that they cannot count upon their health insurance plan for vision care, as most of the health plans don’t provide coverage for vision care, so they need to purchase stand-alone vision insurance plans. With vision problems becoming common among people of all ages, a vision insurance plan can come to their rescue, as it will reduce the cost of their annual eye exam and the cost of eye wear like glasses or contact lenses that will save their considerable amount. Most of the residents of Texas receive health insurance either through their employers or through government programs and most of these plans may not include vision coverage. Thus, the majority of the residents need to carefully research the marketplace and carefully look at the eye care benefits covered under different plans to pick the best.

How to Pick a Vision Insurance Plan?

Vision insurance is designed in a manner to cover a part of the routine eye exams as well as prescription eyewear, and some of the vision plans also provide savings on elective vision corrective surgery like LASIK and PRK. There are several types of vision insurance plans available in Texas but the majority of vision plans are wellness benefits or discount plans that provide vision care services for an annual premium. While looking for a vision plan, individuals should not only pay attention to the monthly premium of the plan but take into consideration the copay amount if included in the plan. If individuals are specific about visiting an eye care provider, then while selecting a plan they should check that their preferred eye care provider is included in the plan’s network.

Average Cost of Vision Plan in Texas

In Texas, the average cost of an eye exam is $162.52 and individuals having vision insurance may require paying a monthly premium of $10 to $30 for most of the vision plans available in the Texas marketplace. Besides, in some of the vision plans, individuals may also require paying small copay and they receive savings on multiple eye care products, services, and elective procedures. A vision plan may provide allowances to cover the cost of frames or lenses and the insured may also be able to purchase glasses of some selected brands and through provider networks at a lower price compared to an optometrist’s office.

What is covered under Vision Insurance in Texas?

Vision insurance reduces eye care expenses and may not pay for medical issues related to eye care. During an individual’s vision exam if the optometrist comes across medical problems then the individual will be referred to a medical eye doctor. Though medicals services for eyes are not covered under vision insurance but covered under health insurance. Thus, medically necessary eye treatments like cataracts and glaucoma are covered by health insurance whereas routine eye exams and glasses and contacts expenses are covered under vision insurance plans.

Vision Insurance Carriers in Texas

Some of the best vision insurance carriers available in Texas offering some good vision plans include:

  • VSP
  • UnitedHealthcare
  • Humana
  • EyeMed
  • DavisVision

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